Noor Sethi

Agricultural and Resource Economics | UC Berkeley

I am a PhD candidate in Agricultural and Resource Economics (ARE) at UC Berkeley. My primary fields of interest are development, public finance, and political economics.

I seek policy-motivated research. My current explorations include:

Prior to joining the UC Berkeley community, I studied economics and mathematics at Smith College, and I worked as a research analyst at Innovations for Poverty Action.

I am always thrilled to connect with prospective PhD students, particularly prospective applicants to ARE. Please don't hesitate to reach out.


Field Experience

In other words:  the people, places, and chance adventures that bend and sway our minds, shape what we study and how we write about it, but rarely make it past the acknowledgements page.

Research Assistantships


Environmental Economics
Graduate Student Instructor, Fall 2020, Spring 2021 & Fall 2022, Spring 2023 | UC Berkeley

Statistics and Econometrics
Teaching Assistant, Fall 2017 & Fall 2019 | Bard College

Lecturer, Spring 2023 | Parami University

Teaching Assistant, Fall 2012, Fall 2013, & Fall 2014 | Smith College

Workshop for New Graduate Student Instructors